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Ines Tazi Entrepreneur, TV Personality & Influencer

Looking after yourself is not a luxury but it is an essential. This is what I understood from my coaching with Hasnae. This 6 weeks of healing changed me from the core & for the best. It changed concretely how I live my day-to-day life. Love, Work, Health, Energy, you learn how to be in control, gain emotional autonomy from the world around you - and who doesn't need that in our world-. I have never wanted to do any form of coaching or healing before, I just felt that I did not need it, or that it was a trend. It is not. Everyone has to clear their emotional system but it is a process that your body doesn't do by itself, you need to choose to do it. That is all this coaching requires, opening up. Hasnae’s approach is pragmatic, diverse yet so spot on. It is curated to my needs, she is mixing methods to make the healing as personalised and you can see that is instantly impacting your life. After 6 weeks I finally let go of my limiting beliefs, many that I have underestimated for, well, as long as I remember! The complexity of the human body is beyond the scope of understanding of a single system. She articulates that to rewire my emotional system to make it clearer, more autonomous. As a consequence I have never felt happier & healthier. This is a priceless investment for a life changing experience that lasts. I cannot recommend her enough. This is the best decision you will make in your life.


My experience with Hasnae was incredible. She is so gifted and skilled in what she does. She walks you through healing in such a compassionate and non-judgemental way. I learned so many new skills and immediately noticed a difference! As time goes on that impact amplifies. She has truly helped and healed me. I highly recommend working with her and I’m so grateful our paths crossed.


Thank you very much Hasnae for this exceptional coaching, this experience was rich in every possible sense, I had the chance to evolve by your side and follow a life path that I thought impossible. Your approach gave me confidence and I managed to go beyond my expectations, also undertake things that I did not think were within my reach and all this thanks to you. Your skills are unique, I thank you deeply and wish you good luck !  


I have been applying Hasnae's techniques: affirmations, guided meditations, lunar rituals. In just about two weeks, my outlook on life has completely changed and I have never felt so free.


Hasnae is very present for others. Her empathy is certain, her devotion unquestionable, she conveys an important message: taking care of others is first of all knowing how to take care of oneself. Through her advice, I understood that to grow spiritually, it is imperative to deconstruct everything we have learned so far. It is on this path that she accompanies me and continues to accompany me to face the obstacles of self-development, through meditation, diet and different liberating rituals. She taught me about the impact of energy, whether positive or not, on our relationships in order to better set our limits. In short, with her, I learned how to let go and evolve in full consciousness.


Hasnae came into my life when I needed her the most: I was looking for new ways to embody the best version of myself. I worked with her to realign my chakras and it changed my life. Literally, in only two weeks, the changes were unbelievable: the way I feel within myself, the confidence I have gained and the inner peace… Oh man, it is incredible and the best part is that I have the feeling that I did nothing. I am so grateful to have met her, she has helped me so much. She is there to listen, to bring answers and solutions. I also appreciate the fact that she always explains to me the “why” behind everything so that I can understand. I love the fact that her solutions are so convenient and easy to do. No need to think, you just apply her techniques and surrender to the benefits. As someone who is so used to being “active”, it felt strange at first, but also liberating to just let my body heal itself.


It is thanks to Hasnae that I got into lunar rituals and wanted to understand the moon’s power more. In such a short period of time, I have started feeling more relieved and trusting myself more. I also feel lighter than before. Plus, it is a reassurance to know that she is so open to help me and give me all these good tips and advice


Hasnae taught me so many things that are truly life-changing! Through daily affirmations, chakra healing, sage and moon rituals, I instantly felt at peace and motivated to become the best version of myself! What I admire most about this angel on earth -legit- is her patience and true dedication to the people she helps... She’s constantly seeking for new innovative and customised methods to help while teaching you how to integrate these in your daily routine. Before meeting her, I had so many traumas (that I wasn’t even aware of) and she was the activator of my healing journey. More than one year later, I couldn’t feel more fulfilled and ready to enjoy life to the fullest!


I've never believed in the power of affirmations, healing through meditations... Until the session that hasnae did to us. She's the most gifted person i've ever seen, i believe that she was born to do that. I was so shocked about her energy, and especially when she started describing the energy she received from us. If I ever need to talk to someone, I'm sure that i'll reach out to her and to her services. Thank you so much hasnae for this incredible experience