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About me

Hasnae Taleb
'Live More, Think Less'

Hi beautiful soul! I’m Hasnae Taleb, known online as 'Live More Think Less'.

Previously a law student, I decided to take a leap of faith to become a full-time writer, Certified Reiki Master and Life Coach. This blog is for my passion for wellbeing and sharing the easy-to-apply tips that helped me heal my spirit, mind and body and find happiness from within.

You can book a call with me to start investing in yourself through Coaching or Energy healing.
I am here to hold your hand through your ups and downs and teach you HOW to transform yourself so that you can transform your beliefs into beautiful and positive ones. You know what they say… be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Ps: I am living proof that ‘they’ were right. Let’s dig deeper…

My purpose

My journey began in 2018 during exam season when I reached a point of exhaustion. I started looking for ways to heal my depression, stress and anxiety through “do it yourself” methods. Not only did I get out of that dark place, but I consistently used those methods until they became my lifestyle. They have propelled my external reality to a whole other dimension: They lead me to rely solely on my knowledge but also to save time and money that I would have spent on therapists or other external sources of validation. I now have so much more internal strength because I invested in my inner world all on my own. I consciously created the life of my dreams using my thoughts and directing them in the right direction: my vision. I found that nourishing my spirit completely transformed my reality which is why I started teaching others how to self-heal using the tools I used.

I've never been much of a thinker. I’d rather rely on my physical senses and what I can feel. Feelings are what got me to manifest my dreams in such a manner that I can see, hear and touch them. I’d rather become an entrepreneur, rather than daydream about it. I’d rather feel happy rather than hope I could be happy. I’d rather teach you how to heal then teach you about healing.