Be Self Made

Be Self-Made Course

By Hasnae TALEB

I launched my business out of my ideas and passions. I found a way to become self-made with nothing but free tools and an authentic expression of my talents. Here is a step by step gude to establish yourself




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Turn your talents, passions and creative ideas into a
profitable profession and business with free DIY tools.

Becoming Self-Made has proven to be the most freeing, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle one can think of thanks to all the power and strength it provides you with. It’s a powerful lifestyle for acquiring wealth in a timely manner and launching your business sooner than later can help you speed up your success. I, Hasnae Taleb, have taken full advantage of this lifestyle to achieve tangible results and transform myself into a self-made entrepreneur with my amazing client base, workshops and e-books @live_morethinkless.

In this course, learn step by step how to build a successful business from scratch and manage your ideas and skills like a pro to achieve tangible results.

What you’ll learn:

Turn your ideas into a profitable business

Express your story publicly

Work on getting known for something you have a passion for.

Define your skillset, vision and purpose of choice

Create a simple plan of action to organize your vision

Execute this plan with DIY free online tools.

Expand your business to a whole brand overtime

Define tangible outlets to share what you are good at

Create multiple sources of income from it

Who is this online course for?

Visionaries with no particular skillset who desire financial freedom, the power to be a boss and the confidence to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Requirements and materials

All you need is a smartphone and the desire to learn!

Hasnae Taleb

Online Life Coach

Hi! I am Hasnae Taleb, your teacher. I am a moroccan native who has been studying law only to discover my true passion was always holistic healing. My career began in 2020 when I got certified to practice Reiki (Japanese energy healing technique), hypnotherapy and life coaching both in French and English, online and in Casablanca, my hometown. During my time practicing, I built a strong client base that led me to work with both businesses and individuals across the globe. I have helped my clients build their lives on a strong confident foundation. I have founded a self-healing method called DNA Makeover Method that I teach in my online workshops and published e-books on self-healing and self-development.







Positive ratings

Hajar L
Hajar LStudent
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I purchased Hasnae’s course “Be self made” 1 month ago and this digitalized course was quite a ride ! It’s my second purchase in less than 2 months, these simple yet powerful strong format are really keeping me on a pleasant- personal self growth As a female arab entrepreneur, I often didn’t own (didn’t know how to) my talent & skills This interactive course really helped step into my power and own it fully !! This girl is a true gem, should (and WILL) definitely go viral.
Zainab. A
Zainab. AStudent
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I highly recommend be self made course.What privilege to be coached by hasnaa .She is highly invested in her work and ready to share her knowledge with you.She's brilliant and passionate and ready to help you to achieve your goals .I loved the fact that her program is very unique and helps you to be more creative with your ideas .The course deserves 10/10.
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